Sunday, August 26, 2007

Dudley Perkins 3 Mountain Run

Dudley Perkins H-D has revived its Three Mountain Run. About 60 people showed up Sunday Aug. 26 to ride the Bay Area backroads to the three highest peaks: Tamalpais, Diablo and Hamilton. I'll post individual photos in the photo store tomorrow.

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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Moto Cops Day in the Santa Clara Valley

Cops wanna have fun, too -- a member of the Santa Jose Police motorcycle drill team wows the crowd Saturday at the 7th Annual Santa Clara Valley Peace Officers Memorial Run in San Jose

Hundreds of bikers showed up for this event. I took photos of the riders just south of Tres Pinos as they approached Bolado Park. Check below for more pix of the event and also at the store at the link on the upper right.

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Cutting it close
Baggin it to Bolado
Indian all the way
Thinkin about that barbecue at the park
Just gimme a sign
Gives new meaning to the term 'road kill'
I hope that isn't a threat
Gordon the Classic Biker
Hi Pete
Not everyone rode a Harley
See if you can write a caption that doesn't have the word 'horny' in it

Update on Santa Clara Valley Memorial Peace Officers Run

Hundreds if bikers showed up today to ride from San Jose to Hollister for the 7th Annual run. I'll post more pictures on the blog later today. I got pictures of almost everybody who rode today. Some of you were going just too damn fast to get in the picture, plus my timing isn't as good as it used to be. But I got most of you. All pix are now in my store which you can go to by using the link on the upper right side of the blog page.

Robert Jones aka

Friday, May 18, 2007

Santa Clara Valley Peace Officers Memorial Run

This Saturday, the 19th, I'll be shooting this exciting run that is now in its 7th year. About 1,000 bikes showed up last year. This run draws all types of bikers riding just about everything imaginable. Of course, there's always lots of Harleys. The weather will be excellent this weekend, so a similar turnout is expected. After a service in San Jose memorializing the Santa Clara County motor police who have died in the line of service, the run will take off about 10 a.m. for Bolado Park in Hollister for a big party and barbecue. Police escort the whole way so it's a real blast.

Look for my sign, taped to the windshield of my bike, parked somewhere along the route, and smile. I'll try to have some pictures up on the blog tomorrow night and all of them in my store by Sunday.

Robert Jones, aka

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Legend of the Motorcycle at Half Moon Bay

The Second Annual Legend of the Motorcyle was bigger and better this year -- more bikes and more people. More than 300 antique and special interest motorcylces were on display along with artwork. Starting with a 1898 Werner one-cylinder and ending with 2007 turbo-charged and and electric-powered bikes, there was something here that represented the art of the motorcycle for more than 100 years. See photos below. Lots more photos of the event are on my store site which you can reach by clicking the link to the right.

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1914 Excelsior
Plumber's Nightmare: HRD (Vincent) Motor Detail
1989 Honda Commonwealth Racing GP
1932 BSA Sidecar Rig
Gorgeous Indian Sidecar Rig
Oldest Bike at show: 1898 MMC Werner
1947 Harley -- A real bagger
1956 Honda Benley JC
1923 Indian TT Special
1949 Triumph Tiger Endura
1957 Norton Manx
1968 Ducati Production Racer
Batch of Bultacos
A collection of early Japanese bikes
Turbine-powered Street Fighter

240 h.p. at the rear wheel anyone? Helicopter turbine can put out the juice. Jay Leno reportedly bought one of these from the Louisiana company MTT, owned by Ted McIntyre.
1962 Honda CR110 Production Racer
1916 Henderson Four
Actor Peter Coyote and Emcee Alain de Cadenet give out awards
1916 Henderson Four Motor - What a beauty
Smallest Bike: The Hiawatha Doodle Bug
Rare Chinese-Red Vincent
You meet the nicest people. . . a 1964 Honda Dream

Friday, May 04, 2007

Update on Ride with the Rockers

Ace Cafe London's Ride with the Rockers participants approach Half Moon Bay on the way to Saturday's Second Annual Legends of the Motorcycle event at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel.

Classic bike fans were pouring into the Ritz in Half Moon Bay, Calif., on Friday evening for what is quickly becoming recognized as a premiere world event for vintage and other collectable motorcycles. The riders above made a two-day trip from LA on vintage bikes to commemorate the event. The Ace Cafe is legendary for being one of the centers of cafe racing and, of course, a hangout for the Mods and Rockers of British bike fame.

I will be taking pictures at the event and post them tomorrow night.

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Yes it's windy and it's cold and these guys rode these vintage bikes all the way from LA
She isn't a Rocker, but she's lookin' good with her Ural sidecar rig

Ride with the Rockers update

Weather permitting, I plan to shoot pix of the riders in the Ride With the Rockers run which will approach Half Moon Bay this evening. Sponsored by the famous Ace Cafe London, the run left LA on Thursday, partied in San Luis Obispo last night and will arrive today in Half Moon Bay, probably soggy from the ride up CA 1 through Big Sur. Oh well, it is a British-inspired event and we wouldn't want the weather to be too nice, would we? Check back tonight.

By the way, weather for The Legend of the Motorcycle on Saturday is expected to be sunny.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Get Ready for the Legend of the Motorcycle

The Second Annual Legend of the Motorcycle will be held at the Ritz in Half Moon Bay this Saturday. I'll be there to cover the astounding collection of collector motorcycles and of course the fascinating attendees of this premiere event. If you haven't gotten tickets yet, save 15 bucks and buy them at Dudley Perkins Harley-Davidson or get them online by Thursday at

In addition, I plan to shoot the "Ride with the Rockers" run Friday as it approaches Half Moon Bay on it's way from L.A. This event, sponsored by the famous Ace Cafe of London will have riders on classic British and Italian bikes along with a sprinkling of others. Find out more about this cool event at

Check back here on Friday night for the Rockers pix and on Sunday for the Legend pix.

Feel free to browse my photo collections by connecting to the Photoreflect site listed to the right.

In the meantime, below are a few shots from last year's Legend of the Motorcycle.

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One of a kind. US-made 1915 Militaire
1910 Harley-Davidson Silent Gray Fellow
Triumph Bonneville