Sunday, August 20, 2006

Update for Aug. 20, 2006

I shot on Skyline Boulevard exclusively. The fog was blowing across Windy Hill and it made for a nice backdrop until it burned off about 11 a.m.

All was not well, however. I was using a new lens that features vibration reduction and it turned out that I wasn't happy with many of the shots. They simply weren't sharp, which is a disappointment since that was the main purpose for buying the lens. I'm assuming at this point that it's operator error and that I did something wrong. I also forgot my reading specs today so I didn't notice the problem in the previews on my camera. Anyway, I discarded a good quarter of the shots I took because of blur. I apologize if yours was one of the victims. Take a look to see if you made the cut at the store by clicking on the "SkooterShooter Biker Photos" button at the upper right.

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