Monday, September 18, 2006

Update for Sept.17, 2006

Surf 'n' Turf
It was sunny and warm on the Boulevard Sunday, a great day to ride. Lots of bikes were about, including this surfer/biker dude who has the best of both worlds.
If you were up there today, take a look at my store by clicking on the link to the right.
The late summer sun created a lot of new challenges, but also introduced some experimentation with the sun and shade.
If you're wondering about the quality of these photos, take a look at this enlargement I made of a small part of a photo I took Sunday. This has been reduced in resolution to 72 ppi to make it Web friendly. The actual photo is 150 ppi and is 3008x2000. OK, I don't get everyone this sharp due to a lot of things, like not panning properly, but my percentage is pretty good. I'm using one of the best lenses Nikon makes to shoot these.
More of the day's highlights below. Click on the photos for larger versions.
I won't be photographing Sept. 23 and 24. Hope to be back on Sept. 30 or Oct. 1. Check back for my schedule.
Ride safe,
Robert Jones aka

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