Thursday, July 06, 2006

Skyline Boulevard Update

The Boulevard was relatively quiet for the Fourth of July. People were out doing other things for the weekend and holiday. I was at Alice's Restaurant on Friday, June 30 and it is the only time that my bike has been the lone one in the parking lot. Even the Skywood Trading Post lot across the street was empty. The Hollister Un-Rally probably drew a lot of bikers despite the fact that few showed up compared to previous years. I went there Sunday and there were cops on every corner. They were extremely bored given that Hollister was more like a family picnic than a hard core biker rally. You could actually walk into Johnny's Bar and get a beer without waiting in line.

I shot a few pictures on The Boulevard on July 1, which you can see in my store by clicking on the link on the right.

Taking biker pix is a lot of fun. I'm fascinated by the way bikers and their rides blend together to create a visible form that expresses character, attitude and personality. I don't shoot many shots of bikes sitting still unless they are really unusual or vintage. Bikers and their scooters are much more photogenic when they have the wind and the road coming at them. My shooting has been sporadic because I'm doing this in my spare time. I may post a schedule so riders will know when I'm going to be around. If you have a group that's going to be riding through the Skyline Boulevard area, let me know a few days in advance your route and approximate time and I'll try to be there to capture the fun.

-- Robert Jones aka SkooterShooter

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