Sunday, July 23, 2006

Update for July 23, 2006

Saturday was a big day for scooter riders on the Peninsula. I'm talking about real scooters, not the affectionate term bikers use for any motorized two-wheeled vehicle. The Scoot 2 the Moon VII rally was held down at Cameron's Pub in Half Moon Bay. Sponsored by the Moving Targets and the Underground scooter clubs, scoots from San Francisco and the Peninsula rendezvoused in front of Alice's Restaurant before heading down to Cameron's where they gamed and partied in the cool air while the rest of the state cooked in 100 plus heat. These people were playing the scooter lifestyle to the hilt and having a hell of a lot of fun. Moving Targets is a great name. But my favorite scooter club name: Heck's Angels. I think they hail from Chi-town.

I'm sending up Saturday's motorcycle shots taken on Woodside Road to my store tonight. Check out some of the highlights below and visit the store by clicking the link to the right.

I didn't shoot on Sunday. My bike and I were commandeered by my wife, who insisted on getting out of the oven to go to the chilly water of the Pacific near Pescadero so she wouldn't roast. I apologize if you were expecting me to get a shot of your bike. This was an unforseen emergency.

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